Can’t Afford Fitness

Many folks unfortunately do not start on their fitness journey because they are hindered with the idea that it is too expensive and they cannot afford it. From a professionals point of view, it can seem like it: Jump ropes, running shoes, workout shorts, dumbbells, elastic bands, protein shakes, supplements. The list goes on and on. But what if I told you to forget about all that stuff? What if I told you it didn’t matter what kind of shorts you wore or if you even needed to take supplements? The truth is all that you need to succeed, you already have. Everything you need to live the healthy life you want is already in front of you. Commercialism wants you to believe that you need the latest weight loss program and the newest shock induced running shoes to live the life of a healthy human. But what you really need is the chance. You need the chance to give yourself that life you want. Don’t have a fancy pair of shorts? Grab any old shorts. Have an old pair of shoes? Make them your workout shoes. Don’t have the equipment or the time and money for a gym membership? Exercise in your living room or in the back yard. The most important thing is that you allow yourself the opportunity to start. The first journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step. And the journey is much more manageable if you travel light. So go ahead, take the first step. Forget about supplements or fancy protein shakes. Eat the food you have in moderate amounts. Drink plenty of water, sweat out those toxins inside you. Let go of the stress that ails you. Health is a big house, all you have to do is open the door and walk inside.

Author: David

David LĂ©asure is an exercise aficionado who believes that exercise should be approached in a simplistic and almost spiritual way for a strong mind and body.

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