Fire Alarm

I wrote this down a few months ago after having an epiphany. It may seem pretty obvious at first, but from the inside looking out, it can be difficult to see where all of these negative emotions come from and why they’re there.

Contrary to popular belief, negative emotions are not bad. There’s everything out there telling you ways to get rid of them along with tips and tricks to “pretend” to be happy but they’re warning signs, the “tap on the shoulder” when something isn’t right.
When you have a negative emotion, it is not okay to just cover it up or put a bandaid on it. You have to go back to yourself to figure out what the problem is. Since there is a problem, that means there is something in the way of you operating at your fullest level.

Negative emotions, like pain, are not bad- they’re good! They tell you that something isn’t right and it needs correcting- immediately or more damage will incur. Or worse, the problem will destroy its host. The problem is the parasite. The negative emotions are just the alarms. So what is the problem?

Without negative emotions we’d all just be bouncing off of each other, doing everything we wanted all the time- creating much destruction and desolation in our wake. But modern society wants you to believe that they are bad and that you should cover them up.
There are solutions for:
* Depression
* Anger
* Jealousy
* Bitterness
* Anything

It all requires though for you to go “back to yourself” to figure out what is wrong. What is the problem that is causing me to feel like this?

Covering up a mental problem is like a fire alarm going off inside of a burning building and instead of putting out the fire, you go around looking for some way to turn the fire alarm off. If you want to turn the fire alarm off, put out the fire! That’s why it’s going off, because there’s a major problem and if you don’t take care of it, the building will burn to the ground! Yes it’s loud, yes it’s uncomfortable, but if you don’t do anything you will die!
Put out the fire. Then the alarm will go off.

From now on when you have a negative emotion, don’t dwell on it and make yourself feel worse or try to cover it up. Find the root of it— Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling bad?” Go back to yourself—deeply— and find the source of the problem. Sit and think about it. Be quiet. Search for what it could be. It takes complete humbleness though. You cannot find the source of your negative emotions if your ego is in the way. Perhaps you treated someone poorly, do you think your ego will admit to that? It takes complete honesty with yourself— only then will you be able to find the source and turn off the alarm that is your negative emotions.

Author: David

David Léasure is an exercise aficionado who believes that exercise should be approached in a simplistic and almost spiritual way for a strong mind and body.

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